Anson offers the transformative healing practice of yoga and meditation for people of all backgrounds and levels of experience.

Yoga and Meditation Classes

Public, private and Community classes and Workshops

Anson teaches Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda Yoga Therapy, Breathwork, Sound Healing, Private Yoga instruction, Corporate Wellness Yoga and a variety of yoga and meditation workshops at The Yoga Loft yoga studio. Anson also teaches community yoga and meditation classes to assist others in a greater connection for personal growth and educate communities to improve health and wellness.

Corporate Wellness Yoga

customized HOLISTIC METHODS TO reduce stress-related illness

Corporate Wellness Yoga programs are customized to help each unique office and workplace increase physical stamina, reduce stress-related illness, and optimize mental clarity. Corporate wellness Yoga creates healthy bodies and minds to help increase productivity, lower healthcare costs, improve performance, efficiency, and attitude. Corporate Wellness Yoga programs include stress management, yoga, breathing exercises, guided meditation and mindfulness meditation techniques.

Private Yoga Instruction


Private yoga lessons are personalized holistic methods designed to help you meet your goals and reach new levels of health and wellness. This might include asana (yoga poses), pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation (technique for resting the mind) and sound healing (therapy to harmonize the body) to help strengthen your mental and physical capacity.

Whether you are brand new to yoga or have a consistent yoga practice, personalized yoga instruction can be extremely beneficial and can help you accomplish goals and reach new levels in multiple aspects of your life. Private yoga classes can help you achieve your physical endeavors, giving you more energy and increasing endurance, helping to diminish pain, improve sleep patterns, and bring mental clarity and balance. Each private yoga session is individualized to meet each persons specific needs. Virtual private yoga instruction is also available.Personal

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy

Customized Techniques to create Harmony and Balance

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy is the application of yoga practices to balance doshas (fault or mistake) and create energetic harmony based on one’s individual constitution (the balance of the three doshas). Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy utilizes Asana, (yoga poses), Pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation (calming and relaxing of the mind) and diet.

The Yoga Therapy practice is designed to treat specific ailments and imbalances by creating an individualized yoga sequence of Asanas (yoga poses) and Pranayama (breathing exercises) to direct the flow of energy within the body to release blockages and achieve new levels of health and wellness.

Yoga + Beats


Experience an uplifting yoga and live DJ experience of syncing music, vibration and yoga with DJ Anson Bingham. Yoga Beats is a fun and energetic yoga practice incorporating a live DJ performance, crystal singing bowls, pranayama breathing exercises and guided meditation with deep relaxation.

Yoga Beats specializes in World Music and deep tribal dance music incorporating ancient rhythms from around the world. Every Yoga Beats practice focuses on strengthening the body and uplifting the spirit with an emphasis on coordinating breath and movement. This sound, mind and body experience creates a higher state of consciousness with feelings of inspiration, unity and peace.

Sound Healing

therapy to calm the mind, align and harmonize the body

Sound Healing is a unique healing and meditation experience that uses a combination of Himalayan Singing Bowls, Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls and ambient sound tracks as music therapy and sound healing to access deep states of meditation, clear energetic blockages in the body, calm the mind, and harmonize the body. Sound Healing also know as Sound Meditation and Sound Bath offers relief for a variety of imbalances including stress, anxiety, depression and pain. Sound Healing is the easiest and fastest way to achieve deep relaxation and experience the healing benefits of Theta brain waves.


attaining a higher state of consciousness

Meditation is a technique for resting the mind and attaining a higher state of consciousness. The practice of meditation helps calm and relax the mind, reduce stress, improve memory, increase mental clarity and self awareness.


HOLISTIC METHODS to clear physical and emotional blockages

Pranayama breathing exercises are powerful Yogic practices that clears physical and emotional blockages from the body and creates stability in the mind. Pranayama breathing exercises relaxes the nervous system, calms the mind, controls energy in the body, allows more oxygen to the blood and the brain, balances the two hemispheres of the brain, cleanses the lungs and nasal passages.